Liftoff! You’re In.

Welcome to the blog!

Thanks for being here. No, really. It means alot.

Extreme Bass Lures is going to be my little spot on the internet to share what has my attention in the moment.

I’ve been wanting to build a platform for a while to share my thoughts on the things in my life that I love – art (music – hence the bass element of the blog ;] ), business ($$$) and relationships, with everything in between.

I always grew up as someone who loved music, art, and writing, but never thought of it as a job – always a hobby.

Coming up through college I focused on academic rigour and kept my interests in philosophy, beats and the gym on the backburner whilst I focused on making some money – my other big passion.

Now, after building skills in the online world – writing, web design, marketing and so on –  I feel like the time is right to combine my work and my pleasure.

So here it is.

My little corner of the internet 🙂

What you can expect:

  • music reccomendations
  • book recomendations
  • theories on life
  • case studies of projects I’m working on
  • philosophy and politics (oooh)
  • how to make your mark on the world

I’ll add some more resources in the coming days to other areas on the internet that have inspired me, but for now, thanks for being here!

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