Web Design Trends for 2016

Web design trends come and go, just like most other types of design trends in fashion, decorating and more, so it’s important to keep up with the times so that your website looks vibrant and interesting.

If you own a business, great web design can help your business get noticed online.

If you want a website for your business, or you already have a website but it’s a bit dull, a great web design firm can design a website for you that is both functional and visually-pleasing.

It will also be one that keeps up with current web design trends to ensure that it doesn’t look old and dated too quickly.

So what are some of the new wave of design trends for 2016? Here are some of them as discussed as follows
1. Almost-Flat Design
Two years ago, flat design was the rage with its use of simple shapes and typography coupled with bold colors; it made websites look as no-frills and unfussy as possible. One of the best examples of flat design was the Windows 8 interface. While flat design is still popular, the trend is more toward an almost-flat design that adds a bit more dimension, depth, clarity and better visual hierarchy, which will ultimately lead to more user-friendliness.
2. Hand-Drawn Illustrations
Nothing will make your website stand out more than hand-drawn illustrations that lend personality and a bit of quirkiness that will set your site apart from others. This kind of addition to your online presence also looks friendlier, makes it appear as if you’ve taken a personal hand in the design of your site and keeps competitors from easily duplicating its contents.

3. Better Typography
Typography is basically the style and appearance of any text on your website. For some web designers who like using a handful of reliable fonts in a few different ways, typography is a no-brainer. But in 2016, paying closer attention to the right text presentation can make all the difference between a hard-to-read, cookie cutter website and one that stands out.
4. Cinemagraphs
If you don’t want to use static photos on your website but you don’t want slow-loading videos either, there is a compromise called cinemagraphs. These are basically static images with one or two moving components, like a photograph of a laundry hanging on a line with just one sheet blowing in the wind. Cinemagraphs are extremely eye-catching and will keep visitors on your site longer than plain, static photos.

5 Interactive Storytelling
People love being drawn in to a good story; that’s why storytelling in web design isn’t a new thing. The difference between storytelling in the past and storytelling in the future is interactivity. Websites must be able to draw customers into their narrative with a series of interactive screens where they can pick and choose which way they fit in the story of your product or message.
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